Parts - Results by Source Vehicle
Stock 5A7314
Year 2004
VIN 2C4GP************
Mileage 98820

Part Description Price
A/C Blower MotorAC,9-03 615-00611N/A
A/C Blower MotorAC,9-03 615-00612N/A
A/C Condenser3.8,AOD,AC,IN BACK SEAT 679-0090150.00
A/C Evaporator680-00687N/A
A/C Evaporator680-00688N/A
A/C Heater Core676-00514N/A
A/C Heater Core676-00515N/A
A/C Hoses3.8,AC,SMALL HOSE IN BACK 683.CH1604N/A
Air Bag, RightARA PRO,9-03 253-03202N/A
Body Complete Frame OffSLV,NOT HIT,3.8,AOD,9-03 900.CH1604N/A
Body Floor SectionSLV,9-03,119 WB 177.CH1604N/A
Body Pillar B Section Center and Rocker, LeftLH,SLV,9-03,ROCKER NG 198-00699LN/A
Body Pillar B Section Center and Rocker, RightRH,SLV,9-03,ROCKER NG 198-00698RN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control Module9-03,3.8,AOD,ABS MTD TO ABS CONT 591-03592N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleUNK ID,AIRBAG ID 4686602AJ 591-03594N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleUNK TYPE,BODY CONTROL ON FUSE 591-03595N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control Module9-03,3.8,AOD,MULTIFUNCTION LH ENG 591-03600N/A
Brake ABS Power Booster9-03,3.8,ABS,16,FWD 540-01276N/A
Brake Master CylinderFWD,3.8,ABS,16 541-01223N/A
Center ConsoleGRY,AOD,COL,IN BACK SEAT 241.CH1604N/A
Cooling Core SupportAC,3.8,000,TOP BAR IN BACK 109-00846N/A
Cooling Radiator Overflow BottleIN BACK 671-00300N/A
CowlSLV 119.CH1604N/A
Electrical Cruise Control Regulator3.8,AOD,EFI,IN BACK 624.CH1604N/A
Engine Air Cleaner3.8,EFI 319-00488N/A
Front BumperSLV,MINOR SCRAPED R CORNER 105-01451A225.00
Front Door Electrical Switch PanelLH 641-00633LN/A
Front Door Handle OutsideLF AND RF,SILVER 129.CH1604N/A
Front Door Window Motor, LeftLH,PW 617-00452LN/A
Front Door Window Motor, RightRH,PW 617-00451RN/A
Front Door Window Regulator, RightRH,PW 125-02127RN/A
Front Fender, LeftLH,SLV,NIQ,WALK IN,BONDO FRT BTTM 110-02389LN/A
Front SeatLH,GRY,CLO,BUC 202-01739BLN/A
Front SeatRH,GRY,CLO,BUC 202-01740RN/A
Front Seat TrackBUC,LEFT,POWER 203.CH1604N/A
Front Suspension Control Arm Lower, LeftLH,16,ABS 512-01436LN/A
Front Suspension Control Arm Lower, RightRH,16,ABS 512-01435RN/A
Front Suspension Hub9-03,16,ABS,FWD 538-00113BN/A
Front Suspension Hub9-03,16,ABS,FWD 538-00113BN/A
Front Suspension Hub9-03,16,ABS,FWD 538-01377N/A
Front Suspension Hub9-03,16,ABS,FWD 538-01377 CHECKED 12/15 DONN/A
Front Suspension Spindle, LeftLH,ABS,16 515-01287LN/A
Front Suspension Spindle, RightRH,ABS,16 515-01286RN/A
Front Suspension Stabilizer BarABS 524-00438N/A
Fuel Tank197-02055N/A
Fuel Tank Pump3.8,IN BACK SEAT 323-01726N/A
GrilleBLACK,IN BUMPER,SEE 105 104-01713N/A
Instrument PanelAC,GRY 251-00879N/A
Instrument Panel Speedometer HeadAOD,COL,TCD,UNK TYPE 257-04367N/A
Instrument Panel Temperature ControlGRY,9-03,LOOSE,IN VAN 655-01537N/A
Misc ABS Brake Parts9-03,3.8,ABS,16,FWD 545-01701N/A
Misc Trim PadGRY,PW,PL,LF,LR,RF,RR 225.CH1604N/A
Quarter Glass, LeftLH 284-05630BLN/A
Quarter Glass, RightRH 284-05629BRN/A
Rear Door (Side, behind Front Door), RightRH,SLV,PW,PL,PRIV,CHIPGUARD 130-02792ERN/A
Rear SeatGRY,CLO,BUC,LEFT,119 WB 215.CH1604N/A
Rear SeatGRY,CLO,BUC,RIGHT,119 WB 215.CH1604N/A
Rear Seat Extra for Van or WagonGRY,CLO,119 WB 220.CH1604N/A
Rear Suspension Leaf SpringABS,FWD 518-00588N/A
Rear Suspension Leaf SpringABS,FWD 518-00588N/A
RoofSLV,9-03 152-02124BN/A
Roof HeadlinerLT GREY,REAR AIR 224.CH1604N/A
Seat BeltsGRY 210-01584N/A
Seat BeltsGRY 210-01585N/A
Seat BeltsGRY 210-01586N/A
Seat BeltsGRY 210-01587N/A
Steering Gear or Rack and PinionFWD 551-02052N/A
Transmission TransaxleAOD,3.8,COL 400-04099500.00
Windshield Interior Sun VisorRH,LT GRY 268-01660RN/A
Windshield Interior Sun VisorLH,LT GREY 268-01661LN/A
Windshield Wiper ArmLEFT 626.CH1604N/A
Windshield Wiper ArmREAR 626.CH1604N/A
Windshield Wiper ArmRIGHT 626.CH1604N/A
Windshield Wiper MotorCOMPLETE ASSM,IN BACK SEAT 620-00878AN/A